Ivy is complete it seems….

As many of your know, a Single Umbilical Artery (SUA) was found during the 19 week scan, and, as is often the case, when the ultrasound operator went looking for Ivy’s kidneys she could find only one, the right one; a Doctor came to confirm what she suspected and explained that SUA was often connected with a single Kidney but that the baby (Ivy) would live a normal life, although she would never be a kidney donor!

However during Wednesday’s post natal ultrasound the Doctor found a left kidney, lower in the body than normal, down around the pelvis and slight smaller, but functioning. Ivy can be a kidney donor after all!

4 thoughts on “Ivy is complete it seems….

  1. that is really good news. I need a picture of scarlett and Ivy together for my screen saver. have not managed to see video yet but will look at it when I get home.

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