When is labour not labour?

When it’s at the wrong end of the Wong-Barker grimmace Scale! (I’m not making this up….)

I stole this from my friend’s blog (www.thebrittsabroad.com), they had a baby last week in Singapore, where they use this scale to describe pain, I’d never seen it before.

Anyway, Diana had contractions at 3:00am (Monday), they came at regular, if long intervals of around 12 minutes, but were not all that intese and were too far left of the hard stuff on the Wong-Baker scale… I should know, I was looking at her wee face and comparing it to the faces below. Unfortunately, it was all over by 7:00am, contractions had gone and I was off to work as normal.

My guess is tonight is the night.  

Grimace Scale

4 thoughts on “When is labour not labour?

  1. well if tonight is the night baby will be born on the same day as jens and ross’s as she is getting started today. how cool would that be.

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