Obstetrician visit

Diana’s visit to the Obstetrician was uneventful, (need to get Diana to do this update if ever she has time!), no sense of urgency from the baby, as likely to be in 14 days as it is in 2 days, so right now, the birth date is anyone’s guess! As is the sex…. I can tell you that the baby is getting bigger, which is a good thing from a health point of view, but less so from a delivery perspective!

Any votes? Birth Date, and Sex of the baby?


4 thoughts on “Obstetrician visit

  1. well I am hoping its another girl to use up all the dresses I have bought for scarlett which unfortunately due to my dementia I have got wrong size. oops

  2. another girl would be nice. Although a boy would be lovely, but that might be too much like history repeating itself i.e. babs and billy and we don’t want another boy getting ordered about by his big sister.

    Jen and Ross’s baby was due on the 6th Oct still not arrived maybe Diana and Jen will give birth on same day that would be nice as I would then possibly remember birthdays. Sorry for missing your birthday Billy.

  3. I think a boy is a great idea, but of course at this point I don’t care either way, just want it to be healthy.

    Shame that Jen is 1 week over, although they say long gestation babies are smarter, so that’s a bonus! No problem regarding my birthday, not like you didn’t have a lot going on!

    Looking forward to seeing you at Christmas.

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