Sunday, September 30th, Billy’s Birthday…

Another great birthday, 37 this time – agenda for the day:

  • Get up, breakfast #1, open cards
  • Leave for swimming lesson with Scarlett and Diana
  • Go to Balmoral for breakfast #2 at Awaba Cafe
  • Play on beach
  • Home for Scarlett’s sleep
  • Strim garden (I know, quite middle aged!)
  • Leave for friends’ BBQ in Sutherlandshire.
  • Home and knackered
  • Chill

Great cards from all, and a few nice message on my voicemail, unfortunately I left my phone in the car all day so didn’t get any of them until the evening!

3 thoughts on “Sunday, September 30th, Billy’s Birthday…

  1. 37 dude .. I remember clearly when you were 17, I think you worked in Boness at that point. Boness has a lovely beach now .. just like your new one.

    Happy Birthday mate, it is great to see pictures of you guys from down under 🙂


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