Vacation Update

Half way through our trip here’s a quick update…

A quick note on flight to Singapore – the kids did well until 30 minutes before we landed when Scarlett woke complaining of a sore tum, after a while I took her to the toilet, however she didn’t make it, in fact, she failed to make it in style – vomiting over a least six passengers before repainting one of the A380’s bathrooms! What a mess, and a stink too! Felt especially sorry for the victims departing the flight only to head straight back onboard for the London leg, meaning a full 13 hours smelling of Scarlett’s vomit, nice.

Stopover in Singapore was short but sweet, 24 hours based out of adjoining rooms at the excellent crown plaza Airport hotel.

Second leg, 13.5 hours non-stop to Heathrow was remarkably easy, the girls slept for the first 8 hours and back-to-back Dora took care of much of the remaining 5! Ok, not quite that easy, but you get the picture. In fact even the arrival process at Heathrow was remarkably easy, within an hour or so we were in our hire car, petty unusual given the typical Heathrow experience!