Quiet Saturday….

Me and the girls spent Saturday afternoon foofing around the house, was nice. Diana spent that time getting pampered at Toni and Guy, coming away looking like Delilah had been at her! (Nice though…)

Girls and I did some finger painting before clearing out the garage and playing on the swings. Lovely.PICT9160











PICT9171 PICT9166


Never think it’s a good idea to have a tantrum on the grass!

Because it’ isn’t! You just get yourself all muddy! 🙂 This is the worst tantrum I’ve seen yet from Ivy, poor thing is tired. Spoke to Diana before I left work, 10 or 15 minutes into the tanty, she was still going strong when I got home, and then long enough to let me go get my camera! I promise I tried to get her to stop first, unsuccessfully. Thought at that point I may as well capture the Kodak moment!

Picture on, post tantrum! Mid Tantrum to follow…


On a lighter note, here’s my big girl on her bike!


Will follow shortly with the mid-tanty moment!