Another weekend, another day at the beach!

PICT8962 PICT8965

Headed to the beach for rest bight from the 40c summer day in Downtown Sydney, found a good beach 45 minutes north and a good 7 degrees cooler!

If there was any doubt about the discomfort that comes from a 40c+ day, here’s a picture of Scarlett telling us all about it, with her little sweaty head!


Too Hot!

This is getting worse…


Grangemouth at 10:15am


Sydney at 9:15pm


Seattle at 2:15pm

Tomorrow’s weather is no better, in fact, relief is due Tuesday – fingers crossed for snow:


I get that if you are in Seattle, the UK, or HK right now, 36c may seem pretty appealing, but we have really crappy air conditioning, so it’s really not all that! 🙂