Here’s my new car….

Special treat for me (and Diana of course, although 2 seats means it isn’t for the kids!), Porsche Cayman S


Hopefully pick it up this week. picked it up on Wednesday with 23kms on the clock, just loving it – although it still has only 150kms on it and I’ve had it over a week, so I’m obviously not trying hard enough.

An update, of sorts!

General goings on in the house of Tucker. Eagerly awaiting the arrival of Mum and Aunt Hazel next Sunday, the 21st, can’t wait actually. Eagerly awaiting another arrival too, no, not that kind, a new car I ordered last week – the Alfa I’ve had only four months has proved to be just a wee bit unreliable, nothing serious, but the majority of people remarked when I mentioned that I had bought into the whole vision of a motoring dolce vita that I should expect some coughs and splurts, well, I have them, and I don’t like them! So it has to go.

The kids are great, they continue to be great, growing up fast, and testing Diana and I at every turn. Ivy is turning up the dial on her monkeyness, but Scarlett on the other hand is developing fast into the sweetest little girl! She still has her moments of course, and what moments they are, but overall she is just lovely.

Renovations aren’t quite done, just need some painting done to finish, although we stupidly started some work outside digging a trench for new Gas and Electrical supplies, and the work won’t now be complete until mid January! Meaning we’re stuck with a mud bath until then, schoolboy error or what!

Where we’re up to…

Another week of way too few blog updates… Actually, no updates!

Party due to having a crazy week at work, and partly due to the renovation work we have going on at home… Well, kitchen is almost there, need some paint, but other than that we’re almost done.


The girls have been great as always, well, in their own special way! Ivy is a demanding little cookie, a right wee pet monkey. And Scarlett is a proper little madame.

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