Iv’s birthday, ONE today…

How exciting for little Ivy, she’s one today… she spent the day with the Nanny, and got to open her presents when Diana and I got home at 5:30pm… In truth, Scarlett opened everything, but Ivy didn’t care. Pictures below. One thing I am thinking as I’m adding these pictures, is that Diana always keeps birthday cards, and poor Ivy doesn’t even have a card from us, but it doesn’t matter, because this web page will be here for her to see whenever she wants to look at it, that’s how incredible the Internet is!

Scarlett "helping"

Better pictures will come on Saturday when we have a party for her here at home, maybe even a video clip or two!















beautiful weekend

I was riding around Centennial Park on Sunday morning, the girls in tow, sun shining bright, warm breeze blowing, DSCN3927and it struck me how much better I felt not having to pack up for an afternoon flight. Being home is great, really great. I did look skyward a few times at a passing Qantas 747 with mild envy at those LA bound execs, my envy was always short lived – it’s easy to think the greener grass is in First Class, climbing to 30,000 feet, but then the associated sacrifices come into focus, a quick look back at Scarlett reading a book to Ivy in the trailer as we pedal through the park and I am ecstatic to be home.

DSCN3929Clearly being home comes at a cost too, our tendency is to pile more and more in, more renovations, more work, more study, more more more… Probably more satisfying but no less stressful. DSCN3934

Ivy’s birthday is on Thursday, 1 already, crazy how fast she is growing up, glad to say that her personality hasn’t begun to shift to that of a stroppy toddler, it will come of course, but for now I still want to bottle her up and keep her as she is for ever… Scarlett is also fantastic, stroppy as all hell, but lovely more often than not, still my angel.

Here are some snaps from last weekend, when we made to the beach…