On the road for a few days….

Off to Seattle for a few days, leaving my girls at home again…

  DSCN2130 DSCN2175

22 hours traveling will see me land in Seattle, where it’s currently around 6c, it’s was 31c when I left Sydney!

Only in Seattle until Thursday meaning I get back to Sydney on Saturday morning, then only 19 or so sleeps until we leave for the UK for a three week family holiday… can’t wait!


First thing I did when I got to San Francisco was speak to Diana, and of course Scarlett now that she has her new found conversational skills! Our quick chat included the usual update on Ivy’s sleep habits, I.e. “Ivy Sleeping. Sleeping, Ivy Sleeping”, to which I enquire, hi baby, how are you? are you having breakfast? “Yes, Ivy Sleeping”…. That girl is Ivy obsessed, long may it continue! (Evidence of Ivy’s penchant for sleep is above)…

Not only do I get to speak to Scarlett now when I’m away, but I love getting mail from Charlie, seems the house is cold right now, something to do with it being Winter in Nottingham and there being insufficient external walls to block out the winter chill…? Fingers crossed B&J’s renovations are finished soon, do it for the kids guys, Charlie tells me there’s a real hypothermia risk looming! 

Site of my meetings in Seattle is below.

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