Big Sis

Scarlett seems taken with the role of the big sister, in fact she has now adopted Polly and Zoe (her dolls) as additional little-siblings.


Where will it end I wonder? Why is she not conforming? The role of the older sister is to be jealous and territorial at this stage, isn’t it?





Sure Ivy will get a poke in the eye sometime soon.


Ivy’s health

We are chuffed with the way Ivy has been putting on weight since coming home. When she was born she weighed around 2.9kgs, which is about 6.5lbs, but then her weight dropped to about 2.65kgs by the time she came home (10% loss is pretty normal) but with almost constant feeding by Diana she was 2.9kgs again by the time she reached her tenth birthday – great going Ivy. She is feeding between 7 and 8 times per day, of which 2 are overnight, yuk.

The kidney issues continue, however we have access to a great team of health-care professionals to monitor and treat her if required. After visiting the hospital again on Thursday, day nine for Ivy, and them taking some more blood for tests, we saw a pediatrician on Friday, who confirmed that the ultrasounds taken on day two showed a small but functioning kidney, also that the blood tests looked normal, but that there was some calcification showing on the images which offered him some concern.  When we return to the hospital in a few days we will find out if the smaller “pelvic” kidney needs some treatment, or if everything will work itself out. Fingers crossed it does.

Description of a pelvic kidney here ;